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1. EP¯ uǺ AP J[QnUS Tmh.
2. EPz uǺ [Q.
3. EPz uǸUSU Pi.
4. EPz uǺ s.
5. EPz uǸUSz u] Eh.
Cu \P ֮ CuP ֨ H Cu | . {k siUPsk C{mi J wڮ |Өmhx.
02&09&1999 A {kPa \u uǺP v|vP PxPsh Tmhzv CuPP S J֮ AUPmhx.
CUS A͵P v. . {k, E֨ںPP vͺP C.{. õ, o ͯ (]), A Aڢu(), hUh . P¢u\, Pm] \v{u(uBUP), G.. g\n, . zx(), Cͮ S (u{k) BQ uukUPmhں.
EQ {kP E uǺ APUS Cu J[QnU S \ Piu[P Aݨmh. 20US أmh {kP E uǺ APЮ Cu ] Bu uzu.
03&08&2001 A {h J[QnU SUTmhzv CUPiu[P ^ \mh. ں RUPshPU Psh xnU SUP AUPmh.
EP [Q AU SS uP zx u{P E֨ںPP P¢u\, {.. C\ BQ, EPz uǺ zxs SSz uP Pb P] Bڢuݮ, E֨ںPP CUS, CS, Aĩv BQ, EPz uǺ Pi ԯ SSz uP Q.u. a\ݮ, E֨ںPP uǨ, õ \uڮ BQ, EPz uǺ u] EhUP SSz uP Cͮ Sݮ, E֨ںPP vv. uzu m_, C. z{, ]ڨ, , C Pi, u. ] BQ, A \mhvmh[P Szx i \ SSz uP _.õsiݮ, E֨ڵP ] Czv uukUPmhں.

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